New Book Project: “In the Event of my Death”

by Jocelyn on March 19, 2012

Daniel and Wendy Gade with their children

Some of you may recognize the name of Daniel Gade, whose story of injury, amputation and recovery is told in my book Battlefields & Blessings: Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Exerpts are also available online featuring Daniel and his wife Wendy:  “Are My Legs OK?” and “Our Most Severe Category.”) I shared an update about the Gade family last year, and I’ve just learned Daniel is up to something new that I want each and every one of you to know about.

Daniel has embarked on an interesting and highly emotional project to honor military families. Many soldiers and other service members write “In the Event of My Death” letters, in which they express their deepest and most heartfelt emotions and wishes for their survivors. Sometimes, unfortunately, these letters are used for their intended purpose when the service member is killed. Most of the time, however, the soldier returns home unscathed and the letter is forgotten or destroyed. Daniel’s idea is to illustrate the sacrifices that military families make by gathering and publishing a series of these letters, both from soldiers who’ve been killed in action and some of those who’ve come home uninjured.

The proceeds from this book will go to organizations honoring military families (Daniel makes nothing on this project.) Please check out his website at and consider sending him ‘your’ letter. If you’d like to hear an interview with him, please go to  (starting at 16:00).