April Fools! What does the Bible say about foolishness?

by Jocelyn on April 9, 2012

by Erin Kent

Ah, April! I just love it. April is generally the part of Spring that bridges us into warmer weather; at least, here in Tennessee. I just love seeing families out in their yards, heating up the grill and spending quality time with one another. The smell of fresh cut grass, flowers blooming, bees buzzing, Easter; there are so many wonderful qualities to this month!

Perhaps the most significant day in April, besides Easter and the celebration of the death and resurrection of our Savior, is April Fools’ Day. On this day, the prankster in all of us shows itself. I remember how shocked my friends were last year when my husband and I collaborated together on a prank of all pranks. We searched the internet for just a generic picture of a positive pregnancy test, posted it to Facebook and let the excitement begin! Needless to say, we had some pretty angry relatives and friends after that one! The laughter was worth it, though, and we still love to think back on that particular April Fools’ Day.

This year, April Fools’ Day fell on a Sunday and, with the help of an awesome sermon from our pastor, I became challenged to look into the Bible’s description of a “fool.” I found, that The Book of Proverbs offers a lot of insight into the description of a fool; however, one particular verse stood out to me, Proverbs 1:7. I know we’ve all read it before but in light of the “holiday” a different view point was taken on this particular Scripture for me.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; but, fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Now, in order for us to fully understand this verse, we must first understand what the Lord’s description of a wise man and a fool are. So often, the terms “foolish” and “wise” register in our minds as “dumb” and “smart.” However, the Bible explains these terms much differently.

Wisdom is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “accumulated philosophic or scientific learning; the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships or good sense.” How drastic the difference in description of wisdom in God’s Word in comparison to Webster! I think Proverbs 3:19 puts wisdom into wonderful perspective:

“By wisdom the Lord laid the earth’s foundations, by understanding He set the heavens in place.”

Wow! Wisdom is a big deal! The very earth’s foundation was formed by wisdom! We must understand, first and foremost, that our ability to attain the wisdom that God houses is impossible, but the strife for wisdom and the heart of prayer concerning attaining wisdom is necessary in the life of a believer. We see how powerful it is, just through this picture of its part in the creation of our universe. In fact, Proverbs lays out, within the first two chapters, just how important wisdom is in the life of a Christian.

Knowing the significance of wisdom and the power it holds allows us to understand foolishness. The last part of Proverbs 1:7 reads, “…fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Foolishness is not the act of being uneducated or “silly,” it is in fact, the lack of wisdom! Fools want nothing to do with wisdom. They do not see it, they will not heed it and they definitely will not practice it. How then, can a fool be in communion with Christ? You’ve guessed it! It’s not possible. Because we serve a Master of infinite wisdom, we must also seek wisdom in order to seek our Lord.

The truth is, we were all fools once. Apart from Christ, aside from His grace, we cannot know wisdom. How interesting that April Fools’ Day and Easter are in the same month of the year! Because of our foolishness, our sin and the disgrace that came with Adam and Eve’s disobedience, we were doomed to an eternity in Hell. But, our Father in Heaven loves us so much that He chose to send His Son, to die on a bitter cross for our sins; yours and mine. Aren’t you thankful that He provided an outlet for the fools we were?

As we continue throughout the month of April and begin reverencing ourselves for the observation of Easter, may we remember not only the price of our Savior’s sacrifice, but also, where He brought us from. My prayer is that throughout the remainder of our Christian journey, we continually remember the importance of attaining wisdom and the danger of slipping backward into the foolish ways that we once practiced.

May you have a blessed April, and may the joy of Easter last in your hearts even after the holiday.

About the Author:
My name is Erin Kent. My husband is in his second enlistment and seventh year with the Marine Corps. I am currently completing a degree in Radiography/Sonography, and I have around a year left before I graduate. We live in Clarksville, TN. I am the daughter of a pastor and I was raised singing and playing the piano in church. I was saved and established a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at a young age but re-dedicated my life when I was around thirteen years old. We currently have no children but plan to build a family soon after recruiting duty. We have one “fur-child”, Theodore. Visit my blog at Dog-tags and Pearls, and stay connected with me through my Dog-tags and Pearls Facebook community.

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