Help! I Need a Makeover!

by Jocelyn on April 25, 2012 needs a makeover, and I can’t do it without you! Instead of just having a picture of my smiling face on the home page, I would like to see yours! If you have read Faith Deployed or Faith Deployed…Again (or both) and they encouraged you or strengthened you in some way, please email me a photo of yourself holding one or both books, and tell me WHY you liked the books in the same email. You could answer any of the following questions (or more than one):

  • Why did you buy the book? What were you hoping it would do for you, and did it meet your expectation?
  • How is your outlook on life different now because of having read the book(s)?
  • Do you have a favorite devotion, or quote, or Scripture verse underlined in the book? How did that speak to you?
  • How did the book give you hope? Or strength? Or just the reminder that you’re not alone in all of this?

As much as I would love to see your photo, I won’t put it on the Web site unless you can also tell me what you loved about one or both of the books. By sending the photo and quotes to me, you are giving me permission to use it on,, and of course I would only use your first name, and which branch your husband serves in. No last names or locations would be posted.

HINT: Please do your best to get a high-quality photo of yourself holding the book. That means no red-eye, in focus, good lighting (outdoor photos would be beautiful), etc.

I’m hoping to get lots of responses from you so we can change out the photos and quotes regularly!

Not interested in sharing your photo? That’s OK. I would still love to hear from you about what you liked about Faith Deployed or Faith Deployed…Again.

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