by Jocelyn Green

Cheryl McGuinness is a former Navy wife whose husband was a co-pilot on the plane that crashed into the first World Trade Center on 9-11-01.  Chronicling her journey to healing after she lost her husband, Cheryl wrote Beauty Beyond the Ashes: Choosing Hope After Crisis, and now has a ministry also called Beauty Beyond the Ashes.

I was so impressed by her book that I have to tell you about it. I read a lot of books, including a fair share of memoirs, but this one stands out from the rest. Usually, the memoir is not my favorite genre. Either the memoir is more depressing than it is hopeful, or it isn’t edited well because they were in a rush to release it, or it just isn’t relevant to my own life.

You can tell by just a three-second flip through the pages that Cheryl’s book is different. [click to continue…]


Joy Comes in the Morning: My 9-11 Story

by Jocelyn on September 11, 2014

By Jocelyn Green

On Sept. 11, 2001, I was a 23-year-old single woman working in Washington, D.C., just eight blocks from the Capitol. We were in a staff meeting when the receptionist on duty burst into the conference room and blurted out, “They hit the Pentagon, you can see the smoke from the rooftop!” The woman beside me screamed (I learned later she knew a man who worked there), and I quietly fought the rising tide of panic swelling inside my chest.

Public transportation shut down and phone lines were scrambled. We were told another plane was headed for us (likely the one that crash landed in Pennsylvania). We were sitting ducks, and we knew it. [click to continue…]


Two of Five Thousand: In flight on 9-11-01

by Jocelyn on September 11, 2014

by Kathleen Cline

On September 11, 2001, my husband and I were flying from London England to Pensacola Florida to surprise my mother for her 70th birthday party.  Unfortunately the surprise my mother got was that Rich and I were on a flight and they did not know where we were located.It was a normal over seas flight. I believe we were on the second in flight movie when the pilot came over the system to give instructions. I have never felt such fear as to hear the pilot say “ you need to listen to me very carefully.” I am a girl from a fundamentalist school background. I do believe when the pilot spoke those words, I sat up straight in my chair and I folded my hands. He explained that terrorist had taken over three planes and had flown them in the Trade center and Pentagon. Also one plane was missing and we are landing NOW in Newfoundland. [click to continue…]


9-11 Memories

by Jocelyn on September 11, 2014

by Rebekah Benimoff

9-11 was the catalyst for Roger going back into the Army, full time, and serving two tours of duty in Iraq as a chaplain for the 3rd ACR.

Our first four years of marriage were not deeply touched by his service, although some of our “life changing experiences” were. Roger had to go away for his two weeks of service within a few days of returning from our honeymoon. At the time it was very hard on me, although after making it through three different year long separations, two weeks seems like the blink of an eye! Roger was also in the field when I had the medical procedure that led to the discovery that I was pregnant with our first child. I left a message for him to call me as soon as he could, and then I had to wait until he was able to call. These two incidents were a tiny preview of what our lives would look like after Roger went back to active duty status.

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After many weeks and months of planning and producing, the Gary Chapman team and I are thrilled to share with you the book trailer for The 5 Love Languages Military Edition!

For more information on this book, click here.


Listen in as Dr. Gary Chapman and I talk about Keeping Love Alive During Deployments on the Focus on the Family Jim Daily broadcast! Follow this link and listen any time. Please note this is a two-day series, so don’t miss either one! These programs are based on our book, The 5 Love Languages Military Edition.

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MilWivesNT 500HarperChristian Publisher is offering many ebooks at a steep discount for the Fourth of July holiday. The Military Wives’ New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs is one of them, only $4.99 right now! This is for the ebook, rather than the hardcover, but still a great deal. I was privileged to be the general editor for this volume, and worked with many military wives to add specific, relevant insights for you.

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Happy Fourth of July, everyone!!



Resource: Faith, Hope, Love, & Deployment

by Jocelyn on June 10, 2014

Heather Gray_author photo

A note from Jocelyn: Today I’m honored to chat with Heather Gray, founder of Finish Strong Ministries. She was happily married to Major David Gray for eleven years until he was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2012. Heather served as a Key Spouse in the Air Force for six years and continues to serve military families as a Key Spouse Mentor. David and Heather had three beautiful children together who frequently travel with her as she shares a message of hope and resiliency to audiences across the globe. Today I’m celebrating with her the release of the book they began writing together: Faith, Hope, Love, & Deployment: 40 Days of Devotions for Military Couples.

Jocelyn: Welcome, Heather! And congratulations on the release of your new book today! Please tell us how it came about.

Heather: Faith, Hope, Love, & Deployment was born from what my husband and I considered necessity. We wanted something to keep communication open, draw us closer to the Lord and each other, and challenge us to dig into the Word . . . all while he was deployed. And I personally felt that handwritten letters were a lost art. I wanted the stack of letters from abroad, tied together with a ribbon like the treasure troves of past generations. Sadly, my husband was killed in action halfway through writing this book. I was left with few—but precious—letters, one of which I received on the day of his funeral. It was in response to a question posed on the topic of patriotism. He was asked to write a letter explaining why he was willing to lay his life on the line for his country. At a time when that very question swirled in my head, it was a balm to my aching heart to have it answered in his own handwriting. I knew then the value of what we had endeavored and vowed by the grace of God to finish what we had started. [click to continue…]


A Look Back: PTSD and Why Veterans Miss War

by Jocelyn on May 27, 2014

by Rachel Latham

PTSD is part of the story of thousands of military families. And it is part of our story too.  But it can be a hard story…because how does one bring that up in conversation?
As a wife, I had been knocked off my feet by this, but now it is time to share this story, because we have walked far enough on this journey that I can tell you this with absolute, unshakable certainty:
God is there. 
Right in the middle of it.
Right through all of it, guiding us through this storm.
And we are making it through.

What you just read was the beginning of my blog post about our family’s experience with PTSD. It is the most read post on my blog, even a few years after bring written.  That little fact reminds me that it isn’t over; for some veterans and military families that is a new road they are traveling, for others, it is an old road that we still find ourselves on.

My husband recently shared this video with me about why veterans miss war . [click to continue…]


Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day, everyone!

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by Kristin Schwabauer Rydbeck

Recently, I took an online course on how to assist military and their families. I learned about a few resources I wasn’t previously aware of and wanted to share these in case they would help. Please note, I haven’t trialed these, but am sharing them in case they are helpful. If you have tried these, please leave a note in the comments sharing your opinion of them.

  • Parenting for Service Members and Veterans
    This website is a tool to help military and veteran parents improve their parenting skills.
  • Moving Forward: Overcoming Life’s Challenges
    This website teaches problem-solving skills for veterans, military and their families. It provides life-coaching and education on how to deal with stressful situations.
  • PTSD Coach
    PTSD Coach is a downloadable app that helps military and veterans dealing with post traumatic stress disorder manage their symptoms on their own. The app allows people the ability to get help outside of therapy treatments and also provides direct links to support and help.

I am a huge advocate of asking for help when you need it. So don’t be afraid to reach out to someone, especially a therapist, chaplain or trusted friend. There is no shame in admitting you need help. But know too there are lots of resources out there to assist you as well.

About the Author:
 Kristin Schwabauer Rydbeck, daughter of a retired U.S. Navy chaplain, is a writer, photographer and editor at Gordon College in Wenham, Mass., by day. By night, she’s a gardener, potter, organizer and expert ice cream connoisseur. She loves to travel the world with her husband and dreams of someday being able to minister to the (military) community who gave so much to her. For now, if you want her to write about certain topics, leave a comment. She’d love to answer your questions.