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Marshéle Carter Waddell

Marshéle Carter Waddell served with her husband, CDR (ret) Mark Waddell, a career U.S. Navy SEAL, for 25 years around the world.  Her first two books, Hope for the Home Front: Winning the Emotional and Spiritual Battles of a Military Wife and its companion Bible study, Hope for the Home Front Bible Study, arm other military wives with God’s promises of  His presence, power and protection.  She is also co-author of When War Comes Home: Christ-centered Healing for Wives of Combat Veterans. Together with their three children, the Waddells have endured many lengthy separations and frequent deployments for combat duty, special operations training and real world conflicts for more than two decades.  Today, her husband is a disabled combat veteran with PTSD and multiple TBIs. For information on When War Comes Home retreats, visit:

Marshéle is an advocate for veterans’ issues at the national level, speaking with U.S. senators and congressmen as well as health councils and organizations regularly on behalf of combat veterans and their families. She has been featured in international, national and local television and radio programs including National Public Radio (NPR), the BBC, LA Times, Washington Post, Fox News, CBN’s 700 Club, Focus on the Family’s daily radio broadcast, Canada’s 100 Huntley Street, the Armed Forces Radio Network and the K-LOVE radio and Internet webcast.  She is a consultant and spokesperson for Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group in Colorado Springs.

More from Marshele:

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Anne Yatch July 12, 2011 at 1:45 pm

I noticed that you have numerous experiences listed in bullets (“More from Marshele”) regarding PTSD and how it can affect a wife and family. My husband and I (Navy SEAL of 10 years) have worked together to develop a “language” and systematic method for addressing PTSD positively that a family can learn together to make interaction helpful for everyone involved. We have spoken on this topic to various military communities across the U.S. and have helpful resources to offer to you and your community of military wives, if you would like to connect together? Please let me know as I would like to give immediate steps and hope to as many wives as possible. I would love to help as an advocate for veteran’s issues as well, if there is anything I can assist with? Best wishes and many thanks for your service, Anne.


Jim Tipton July 30, 2014 at 12:42 pm

A message from the long lost “Pastor Jim”

Marshele, I’m sure that you remember me from a few years ago. We e-mailed for quite a long period of time. I’d like to bring you up to date on how things are going in my life (and catch up with you and yours, as well). I would like to speak with you by telephone if possible. You can reach me at (701) 412-7072 (Cell) or at (701) 718-9162 (Home). I know that you are busy but this would mean very much to me.


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